Rhonda Palazzo is a Republican Conservative Candidate Running for


Congress to Represent you Kentuckians of the 3rd District:

  • To PRESERVE your Constitutional Freedoms

  • To RESTORE your ability to realize the American Dream

  • To ENCOURAGE Faith, Family and Justice for you in all the communities of Kentucky’s 3rd District



Rhonda’s race to represent you, the people of Kentucky’s 3rd District, started in 2016 soon after President Trump was elected. Rhonda disagrees with how the media has portrayed President Trump. Like many Kentuckians in the 3rd District, Rhonda supports the president’s plan to return power to the American people. 


Rhonda pledges to represent you in Congress. Rhonda is a lifelong Louisville resident. Her first job was on Haymarket. She put herself through college, attending UK and graduating from U of L with degrees in accounting and psychology. A single mother, now a grandmother and a small business owner, Rhonda has always lived in the 3rd District. All of us who call the 3rd District home realize that it’s time for a new beginning here. It’s time for us to hope again. It’s time for us to dream the American dream again. It’s time for the 3rd District to be filled with truth and justice. That’s why you need a new representative in Congress. That’s why you can trust Rhonda to represent you and to bring your patriotic voice to Washington. 


Just how should you expect Rhonda to represent your voice in Washington? Rhonda has spent forty years representing her clients expertly serving them as a stock broker, a broker dealer and a realtor. Rhonda understands that being a representative should never be self-serving. You deserve a representative who leads with integrity and who shares your values and beliefs. Rhonda knows that representing you means fighting for you. It means making sure you benefit from every possible available resource. Representing you means exposing every twisted argument and lie that could reduce your rights and freedoms. 


Rhonda never quits no matter how hard the fight gets until truth wins and justice prevails. When the status quo needs to be challenged, Rhonda will represent you by applying critical thinking, expert advice and the wisdom to appeal to heaven for new solutions and strategies. Rhonda is unafraid to move outside the expected paradigms. As a person of deep faith, Rhonda is committed to integrity, believing it to be an essential value for every public servant. Rhonda does not stop searching until she finds research-based solutions for every problem that matters to all of us. Then, Rhonda sets and facilitates strategic goals designed to reach tangible, verifiable results for these problems. Rhonda will always act for and in collaboration with people like you who really care about solving the important issues facing today’s communities.

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*Paid for by Rhonda Palazzo Campaign

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