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Some politicians seem to think that their district belongs to them.  Rhonda understands that our district belongs to the people. Help Rhonda bring back our voice to Washington.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Endorsed by the

American Family Association

Rhonda Palazzo For Congress

Rhonda is a strong and motivated woman that strives for excellence. A Louisville native and a graduate of the University of Louisville, she understands the needs and concerns of the people of Louisville. Coming from a large family, she is the oldest of 9 kids, a granddaughter of an Italian immigrant and a natural leader.  

Rhonda Palazzo is running for the United States House of Representatives in Kentucky’s 3rd district to give the people of Louisville a real voice in Washington.

On The Issues

  • Pro Family
  • Pro Life
  • Pro Teacher
  • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • Pro Small Business
  • Pro Religious Liberty

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